The Foundation works with the Winter Park Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi to provide support for its Guide Right program that delivers youth mentorship and development opportunities for youth in Central Florida. 

Guide Right is a program for the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informational in character. Its reach extends to high schools and colleges alike. In the latter, giving due attention to the needs of undergraduate students. The purposes of the Guide Right Service Program are to place the training, experience, and friendly interest of successful men, at the disposal of youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding their choice of a life’s career, while the community is made aware of the problems that may be encountered as these youth seek to realize lives of usefulness Guide Right encompasses many of our youth oriented programs such as mentoring, college preparatory programs, and tutoring. However, the Flagship Initiative of the Guide Right Service Program is the Kappa Leadership Development League.

The Kappa Leadership & Development League is a program designed to aid young men of high school age to grow and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. Kappa League provides both challenging and rewarding experiences to enhance their lives. Since the fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is ACHIEVEMENT, it is therefore the Fraternity’s primary purpose to help these young men achieve worthy goals for themselves, and make constructive contributions to their community when they assume leadership roles.
The basic objectives of the Kappa Leadership Development League may be summarized as follows:

  • To help youth, especially those of high school graduating classes, in their selection of courses leading to vocations compatible with their aptitudes and personalities.
  • To assist students, while they are training, to get started in the employment, and to progress successfully in their chosen fields.
  • To assist parents in the handling of their children by given them the opportunities to talk over their problems with those who know and are successful in their chosen vocations.
  • To afford the less fortunate youths a respite from the drudgery of the streets, through sponsored trips to ball games, zoological garden, museums, theater, and other activities.
  • To inform youth of the values of higher education, assistance available for continued pursuits, scholarship, loans, professional opportunities, and of current labor demands and the trends on the effect of these demands and trends on the labor market.

The Diamonds In The Rough College Preparation and Achievement Initiative was developed in the spirit of establishing a new and bold agenda of increasing Black male achievement within the underserved communities of color throughout the United States. It is based on the fundamental belief that within every young man lies the potential to achieve greatness when they are provided the proper tools, resources and support to prosper.

The Diamonds In the Rough initiative is strategically designed to increase the number of young men of color being accepted and attending post-secondary institutions through greater preparation and affordability.

The Diamonds In the Rough College Preparation and Achievement Initiative seeks to:

  • Create a scholarship research database that has identified over 1.7 million dollars in potential scholarships accessible to young men of color.
  • The acquisition of 21st century innovative tools and resources that improve college preparation, education and readiness
  • The utilization of social media to serve as platform and pipeline of critical information to assist youth and parents in making responsible choices and decisions regarding their post-secondary future.
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with post-secondary institutions to develop innovative “school to college pipeline” programs.

Currently the Diamonds in the Rough College Preparation and Achievement Initiative has been implemented in over 80 Kappa League and Guide Right programs throughout the country.

Scholarships to Attend Summer Enrichment Camps

The Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to Central Florida youth to attend summer enrichment camps. The Kappa Kamp is a summer enrichment camp providing students, ages 12-16, with the opportunity to acquire productive life-skills through intensive workshops and learning through structured play activities. Students may choose from a number of enrichment camps and classes, as well as attend a variety of cultural and recreational activities, field trips, and educational lectures. Work, fun, and more, all take place within a safe, professionally designed and supervised setting.

The primary objectives of the enrichment camps are to:

  • Provide enrichment activities for ages 12-16.
  • Motivate students to seek higher levels of achievement.
  • Expose students to activities rich in cultural information and experiences.
  • Develop students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills while involved in each camp.
  • Provide experiences that focus on science technology and survival.
  • Allow campers to make friends from around the world in a structured, safe environment.
  • Provide a spiritual faith-based atmosphere for human growth and development.
  • Provide character education and citizenship in an ethical environment.